From left to right [if any West and "western mind" is left at the time, when you read it]:

Top left (bellow) -- Muller, some German remembering for Hamletmachine :


Muller : Hamletmachine & form

... and [of course]

Meyerhold: at
"Meyer" is more interesting for our reflections of the 20th century theatre.

... Lul and Poetics of Spectacle [] -- + my G-groups !

From notes :

I, Anatoly, anatolant, ant, is the last (so far) in this agony and birth of new theatre.

There will be more after me.

... you, for example.

-- how does director's muse look like?


Directing, The Poetics
The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. [Guy Debord on facebooks about web and web2.0] stage pov

... stagematrix and STAGEMATRIX

So, what are they, the muses of virtual theatre?


Oh, the great return to pre-antiquity! Welcome, welcome, my digital barbarians!

Back to street theatre?

Did you hear the word "market"?

Well, how big is this crisis we got in?

Even the Grand Depression is too small for me... I think what took place around Y2K is the catastrophe.

They say -- nothing happened.



Did I write about the End already? [title]

My memory is gone. Hard drives take care of remembering.

I was was "After the End"... it was sixty years ago. In USSR.

This "ussr" gave the idea that I missed the end.

"Moscow, USSR" -- not Russia?

Now they renamed it back, if it could help...

From "USSR" I arrived to "USA"! What a name for a country!

Of course, it was "theatre" -- everything after 1945 was not "history" but cheap theatrics.

Very expensive spectacle!

WWII was the crisis... and agony.

Beckett noticed it, old drunk. The End. The end of "Before" [including theatre].


Next step was the resurrection. New "Life"...

How does it look like? [read my nonfiction]

I am to talk about new "theatre" only on the STAGEMATRIX page. [AA]

intro instead of
Better to have "stanislavsky" or "Meyerhold" in domain's name. So, what is this "stagematrix"?

... Three Sisters, Three Histories: Charites, known in Greek mythology as The Three Graces, goddesses of such things as charm, beauty, and creativity. In Roman mythology they were known as the Gratiae.



end of modernity

The end of modernity -- it has to be negated.


... the beginning.

Repertory Theatre-School : lul ethiopia

Anatoly WEB: spectator finally becomes a director!



What is "performance" of director?

... My muses are mute.