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The One
    God, The Good. Transcendent and ineffable.
The Hypercosmic Gods
    Those which make Essence, Life and Soul
The Demiurge
    The creator.
The Cosmic Gods
    Those who make Being, Nature, and Matter. These include the gods known to us from classical religion. :

Platonism is the view that there exist such things as abstract objects — where an abstract object is an object that does not exist in space or time and which is therefore entirely non-physical and non-mental.

... Consider, for instance, the property of being red. According to the platonist view of properties, the property of redness exists independently of any red thing.

Jung & Plato:

Михаил Булгаков. Театральный роман

По изданию: Михаил Афанасьевич Булгаков "Избранная проза", М., ИХЛ, 1966, с исправлениями по рукописи. Проверка и вычитка текста - Справочная Служба Русского Языка


* (Записки покойника) *

Михаил Булгаков. Театральный роман (17 July 2009) [ -- some pages are in Russian]

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