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1 The archetypal social stations of humanity;
2 The nine Muses and Apollo;
3 The Liberal Arts;
4 The Cardinal Virtues;
5 The Heavenly Spheres.

Inner Architecture of Drama ?

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[ left ] tarot cards : 1 Beggar 6 Knight 2 Servant 7 Duke 3 Artisan or Craftsman 8 King 4 Merchant 9 Emperor 5 Gentleman or Squire 10 Pope

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[ image 2 ] muses :

Calliope -- 'Beautiful voiced' -- epic poems and eloquence [ Trumpet stylus ]

Urania 'Heavenly' astrology [ compass and celestial globe ]

Terpsichore 'she who loves dancing' lyric poetry and dance [ lyre or cithera ]

Erato 'arouser of desire' erotic or love poetry [ tambourine ]

Polihymnia 'many hymns' heroic hymns & mimic art [ lyre or portative organ ]

Thelia 'the festive' comedy and pastoral poetry [ violin + mask of comedy ]

Melpomene 'the singer' tragedy [ horn + mask of tragedy ]

Euterpe 'giver of joy' music and lyric poetry [ double flute ]

Clio 'giver of fame' history [ scroll ]

Apollo [ in acting 1 : on Dionysian vs. Apollonian ]

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Characters : carot

Creative Crew [Muses] :


The third group consist of the Seven Liberal Arts with the addition of Poetry, Philosophy and Theology to bring the number up to ten. The Liberal Arts lay at the basis of scholasticism and consist of the Trivium of Grammar, Rhetoric and Dialectic, which trained the mind in the use of language, and the Quadrivium of Geometry, Arithmetic, Music and Astronomy, which four constituted the domain of medieval science. Each of these bear a symbol

Grammar       File and Vase
Logic         Veiled Dragon
Rhetoric      Sword
Geometry      Circle, Square, Triangle
Arithmetic    Coins or counters
Music         Flute
Poetry        Flute and a Vase
Philosophy    Arrow and Shield (Athene figure)
Astrology     Sphere of Stars and pointer (Angelic figure) 
Theology      Sphere of Heaven and Earth (Androgyne figure)
[ image ]

The fourth decade consist of the seven Cardinal Virtues appearing as female figures together with three Spirits (or Genius') of Life (or the Sun), Time and the Cosmos, these being shown as male Angels, each carrying a symbol. The seven Cardinal Virtues also have animal figures beside them.

Iliaco       Sun disc
Chronico     Ouroboros Dragon
Cosmico      Heavenly Globe
Temperance   Two vases                 Dog, Cat, weasel, or stoat/ermine
Prudence     Mirror                    Dragon
Strength     Sceptre                   Lion
Justice      Sword and scales          Crane
Charity      Wallet, offering charity  Pelican
Hope         in attitude of prayer     phoenix
Faith        Chalice and Host          Dog
These represent that which works in the higher soul of humanity as the virtues dwelling in the conscience. As the aspiring soul develops towards inward perfection, rising to an awareness of the spiritual genius behind the life force (the Sun), Time and Space, then there will inwardly develop from the seed of conscience rooted in the soul, the Virtues, which will unfold and grow from within to express themselves in ones outer actions.

[ image ]

The final decanate is that of the heavenly spheres - the seven planets and the three higher spheres each having a symbol.

Luna           Moon disc
Mercury        Flute Caduceus with two
               intertwined dragons     Cock
Venus          Seashell                Ducks
Sun            Sun disc                Scorpion Crabs
Mars           Sword                   Dogs (hunting)
Jupiter        Arrow (thunderbolt)     Eagle
Saturn         Scythe                  Ouroboros
Eighth Sphere  Starry Disc
Prime Mover    Empty Sphere
First Cause    Cosmos

[ image ] glosasary : Plato's theory of forms (or ideas) -- new life.

read -- http://www.levity.com/alchemy/mantegna.html

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muse : 9 Sisters

... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme and Mnemosyne, mother-sister-of her husband.