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... Muller : Postmodern [ last historical time I remember ]

2009 : filmplus.org/u21.us [ intro ] [ notes ]

2009 -- plans ... from filmplus.org/thr/2009: my video clip after "Caligari, Alaska" [theatreuaf.org/caligari] Say goodbye to Dr. Caligari, Anatoly.
* web changes before I go to Africa

... notes : new pages and redirection!

anatoly.org >>> anatoly.et

T-BLOG : I used it for shows & classes


5.5.09 -- New Directing Manifesto?
partnerpage.google.com/stagematrix.com = http://sites.google.com/a/stagematrix.com + http://www.stagematrix.com-a.googlepages.com pages!

stagematrix.com -- goddady.com [where is it?]

lost ?


old [lost] domain "stanislavsky.us" -- stanislavsky.vtheatre.net? In addition to method.vtheatre.net ?

meyerhold.us -- still active

as SUB-domains at vtheatre.net ?


Goodbye, Dr. Godot.

red FAQ for myself * Hello, Dr. Caligari? shows.vtheatre.net/caligari [notebooks] -- thoughts that are too crazy to write under my own name.

... sum zero [ SumZero ] is opposite to zero-sum [ "there must be one winner and one loser, for every gain there is a loss." ] Zero-Sum game -- If we add up the wins and losses in a game, treating losses as negatives, and we find that the sum is zero for each set of strategies chosen, then the game is a "zero-sum game." < In less formal terms, a zero-sum game is a game in which one player's winnings equal the other player's losses. >